The Intern | The Intern By David Tlale Tenth Challenge
The Intern By David Tlale episode 11
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Episode 11 has just aired, and we can’t believe how close we are to the finish line! But being Top 4 isn’t all glam and chill – in fact, things are just set to get harder and harder for our Interns! At the top of the episode, Nico checked in with the contestants at their home away from home, the coffee shop around the corner from the studio. And the contestants share our suspicion that things are going to get a lot trickier at this stage of the competition. They’re nervous about the next few challenges and competing against each other, being the Top 4 – and we don’t blame them!

Nico whisked them away to their next challenge to get briefed on what that would entail. He gave them a little clue by saying the word ‘red’. And off they went! They arrived at the Joburg Theatre and walked in on the red carpet into the theatre foyer.  They found David waiting for them with two guests. One guest was the magazine editor for Cosmopolitan, Holly Meadows, and Orapeleng, from Orapeleng Modutle Style Avenue. Nico then told them that this challenge was all about gracing the red carpet, and for that they would need celebrities to fit. And in they came! Lalla Hirayama, Katleho Sinivasan, Ayanda Thabethe, and Tatum Keshwar. David told them this challenge was to create an A-list red carpet look, and they had to take inspiration from modern city life. In addition, only the colour black could be used as a theme, and the garments needed to consist of textured surfaces and fabrications. David further reminded them that these celebrities are brands, and their brands must be respected. The Interns then got to choose their celebrity to work with, get to know them, and get their measurements. David chose this challenge to teach them how to work with celebrities and how to design for and dress famous faces. David being David then added a twist, partaking again in this week’s challenge. He would be dressing none other than The Intern SA host, Nico. He wanted to show the kids flames!

The Interns were naturally nervous working with celebrities again, having freshly come off the Bridezilla Challenge. The Interns raced back to the workshop and waxed lyrical about how happy they were with their choice of celeb and they just couldn’t wait to work with them. David walked in and quickly got them busy. He took them to Masterclass on how to execute the perfect French seam. This being evening wear – for celebs – it needed to be perfect! David reminded them what he expected from his next assistant designer and that he would not accept bad quality, designers that don’t think, and people who are rushers and crushers. The pressure was on! The team headed off to Golden Glow Textiles, and this gave them proper flashbacks to the Bridezilla Challenge, being back at the fabric store. David gave them some tips on what to do when you are stuck and blocked about your design. The designers shop for fabrics, and soon Nico hustled them on back to the workshop to start working on their designs. David came in to check on how they were progressing on their designs, and to say the least, he was not impressed with anyone’s work at that stage! He pulled them aside and told them he is very concerned because they were not doing their best. He was clearly worried. He was, understandably, hard on them because, after all, they are the Top 4, and they want to work for him, so they need to deliver.

The celebs arrived to look over the samples. They all seemed to be very happy, saying that the Interns were delivering exactly – if not more – of what they were looking for! Mizani stylist Sonny Boy was also on hand to make sure the whole look came together with the hairstyle for the night. Nico arrived for his own fitting with David in David’s office, and even Nico seemed a bit nervous. But there was no reason to stress. The host was looking seriously dapper!  The Interns were still very far from done when David checked in to make sure they were on track. The celebs came in again to check on the progress and even they were a bit worried that the Interns would not be able to make the deadline!

The next day arrived and the Interns were still hard at work. They’d worked through the night and were exhausted, physically and mentally. Because they were cutting it a bit too close, Nico and David brought in some help. The ladies came back ready to help the Interns complete their stitching and finishes. They had to hurry because the event was just a few hours away. The Tatum & Kat were at Sonny Magic Hair Beauty Lounge on 361 Jan Smuts Avenue to get ready for the event. Not only were they getting their hair done, they are also getting their make-up ready for the night.

And the big event arrived, and the people and crew over at Mesh Club in Rosebank were getting everything ready for the big night. The Interns were getting their outfits prepped and getting their make-up and hair done. Also, last minute hand stitching and finishing touches needed to be sorted in backstage area while the celebs were waiting in the chill lounge. Nico checked in on the contestants and found that they were more than a spot stressed. Next, Nico went to the celebs and found them sipping Champagne and taking selfies, while the Mizani team were getting their hair ready. The mood in the two areas couldn’t be any more of a contrast! Nico then had to pop to one side to get his own David Tlale outfit fitted for the event. The red carpet was ready; the celebs were walking in and getting photographed and interviewed in the VIP area. The stars looked grand and were beaming in the lights. Then came David, looking all kinds of glamorous and, dare we say, mighty fine. Of course, he wass wearing David Tlale, as was Nico! They all headed inside the club where people were standing at the bar area while the celebs took to the runway to show off their designs as David and his guest judges sat with the eagle eyes trained on the Interns’ offerings. First up was Kat Sinivasan, who was wearing Sam’s design. Next was Lalla Hirayama, dressed by Kuena, followed by Tatum Keshwar dressed by Cyla. And lastly was Ayanda Thabethe, dressed by Keletso. It was judgment time, and the judges were had the toughest decision to make in order to eliminate someone. The contestants came back to the floor to get the news. And the news was…


David was very happy with their designs and will keep all four of the Interns to go through to the next challenge. With that news the contestants were free to party it up with the other guests at the event!