The Intern | The Intern By David Tlale Eight Challenge
The Intern By David Tlale episode 9
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Kicking off this week, the team met up at what’s become their favourite coffee shop and chill zone to catch up and discuss their feelings on Boitumelo going home. Nico joined them for a rundown on how they were all doing and feeling and they recapped the last challenge. But there’s no rest for any fashion team, and they finished up and headed back to the workshop where David was waiting for them with two other people: Tashi and Sascha Stylianou. They are commercial fine artists who, David explained, were there to guide the contestants in a Masterclass on how to work with paper, create origami, and a few other artistic elements they could use to add flavour and spice to their work on this week’s challenge. The pair specialise in paper art.

This week’s challenge, unsurprisingly, then, was centred around paper art. The title of the challenge was Evolution Of Paper Art, and the contestants had to create a dress that used created expression through the medium of paper art. Tashi and Sascha then met the contestants at the CNA Inspiration Bar to show them how to work with paper and how to create origami works. The contestants then headed off to start sketching their designs, all of them nervous about what David was going to do or say about their work this week. And no sooner had they mentioned his name, and in walked David, instructing them to take their sketched and rip them up down the middle of the page. After quite a bit of confusion, David announced that this would be the first time that he would not be requiring sketches from the Interns before they design their pieces. So confusion was replaced with quite a sense of elation, and excitement filled the studio.

Fast forward to the next scene where all the previously eliminated contestants are sitting in a room together, unsure of the reason as to why they had been called in. Nico then walked into the room and soon answered their questions. They were told that they were to be paired up with an Intern, and with there being 7 eliminated interns and 5 interns still in the game, this was definitely going to be interesting! David entered the workshop to call the Interns together and to inform them of the surprise. And his explanation left some of the remaining Interns thrilled, and some, well, let’s just say not as thrilled! He then brought in the eliminated Interns, and the shock was real.

Each current Intern had to choose from the 7 eliminated Interns; one person to pair up with to help them with this challenge. The next shock was that it was announced that the eliminated Intern that the winner of the challenge was paired with would re-enter the game! Then David explained that they would choose their partners based on their ranking announced in the previous challenge. That meant Kuena is up first to choose.

Choices made were:
Kuena with Michalene
Keletso with Ila
Cyla with (Diva) Denver
Sam with Lulama
Welhemina with Boitumelo

Frank and Musa were the two who weren’t chosen and, and so would not be taking part in The Intern SA. They headed off home.

What they had to remember, they were told, was that the person they chose would be their assistant in this challenge, but on re-entering the competition in the even that they won this challenge would become a contestant again. The Interns then headed off to the workshop to catch up with their assistants and also to get to work. David came in and greeted the new Interns-turned-assistants with sass and class – pure David! He then told them that their dresses needed to me 3 metres, and that was not negotiable. If they did not meet this requirement, then ‘they could consider themselves gone’.

Nico checked in with the Interns and their assistants to appraise how they were doing. David then arrived again with an extra special guest, Sudesh Bhageloo, who is the executive for marketing at Edcon. With this being a CAN-inspired challenge, he was there to talk to them about expanding their fashion into fashion stationery. CNA’s involvement in The Intern By David Tlale has been a natural progression for the brand. Sudesh then added a twist to their challenge. They were challenged to come up with an image or sketch of their concept, and the winner would have their image used in a range of stationery which would feature on CNA stationery which will be in store from November this year! The contestants took their designs to Abner, the graphic designer, to put together, as their rough work needed to be reinterpreted into a look that was suitable for a range of stationery.

The contestants then headed on back to the workshop to finish their designs and to finish up their work. David swung past for final checks and gave them the good news: He decided he was not too concerned about the 3 meter requirement anymore, showing just how many twists and turns the Interns have had to face over the last weeks! Judging day finally arrived and the models pitched for their fittings. The judges readided themselves on their seats in the judges room, and caught up quickly with Nico to let him and the eager viewers at home know what they were looking for specifically from the Interns. They wanted to see innovation, commercial viability of the design, since it would be used by CNA as a product, and, in general, who would rise to the occasion, given such strict requirements.

It was judging time! They reviewed the dress designs and then had a look at the concepts submitted for the CNA aspect of the challenge. What they were also told was that, if they won the CNA challenge, not only would their design feature on predicts in CNA stores, but they would also earn royalty rights from the sales of the products, and, of course, probably more importantly, bragging rights!

Top looks:

Keletso (plus Ila as assistant)

Cyla (plus Denver as assistant)


Cyla, which meant Denver is now back in the show. Plus Cyla was also the CNA winner!

Bottom looks:

Kuena and Welhemina

Falling off the seams was: