The Intern | The Intern By David Tlale Eight Challenge
The Intern By David Tlale episode 8
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This week the contestants got ready early at met Nico at a coffee shop. They reflected on the effects of Michalene leaving last week, following which Nico proceeded to hype them up, getting them prepped for the next challenge, which was set to be a biggie!

The team went down to David’s offices to meet with David and Hamilton Ngubo, the Programme Manager at SABC 3. The next challenge was set to be centred around Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The challenge was for the contestants to create a Spring/Summer 2017/18Collection, comprising of 5 looks, male or female. But before the contestants could get down to business, David took them through best practice training and how to put together a cohesive collection. What a valuable Masterclass, right? Given the size and the scope of this challenge, the reality soon hit home that this was their time to shine!

The Interns headed off to start their designs, all of them more than amped and excited, realising that the opportunity David was offering them was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for their dreams to come true! David reviewed the contestants’ designs, and again we saw a number of them scratched out and torn up – standards for this challenge were not negotiable! Things heated up even more when David chased Boitumelo and Welhemina out of the room for laughing. As David told the contestants, it’s not the razzmatazz that sells you; it’s the fit, finish, fabrication and the narrative.

Once sketches were approved, the contestants started on their designs and chose their fabrics. Again, the pressure was on, and the stakes were high. Nico checked in with the contestants on how they are progressing, and you could see the stress visible on most of their faces. Enter David with the models for the all-important fitting, and he gave his trademark reviews on the work he saw that had been done so far, stressing the importance of getting it right. This, after all, was Fashion Week, and the Interns only had one chance to nail this challenge.

D-Day dawned and the contestants were getting their designs ready and polished for the first day of Fashion Week. By way of support, David told the Interns that the importance of this challenge was to teach them to become independent, show them how hard work pays off, and how to become a brand. David then let the team know that they would be going on site to meet Jan Malan, the Show Producer who would take them through the music, rehearsal and technical rehearsal – all things that are crucial to pulling off a successful show to the standard that the industry has come to demand. And with that, David sent them out on their own to Fashion Week! The next time they would see him will be at elimination.

The team arrived on site at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and met Nico at the tent at the Mall of Africa. He took them inside to show them around and to meet with Jan. Jan is a Fashion Show Director and Producer who is renowned for his standards of delivery and excellence. He met the contestants and told them what was expected from them and himself. They, ultimately, were his client and they needed to rely on him to make their particular brand of magic come to life. They started with the music for their shows. They learnt the tricks of the trade when it comes to lending an extra dimension to their shows with the right choice of music, and they went through the gruelling task of learning how much actually goes on behind the scenes in terms of planning. They then moved backstage to meet the make-up team, who got information and briefs from the contestants on what they expected from the make-up experts to work with their runway looks. They met with Raine Tauber, who is the Global Senior Artist for Mac Cosmetics South Africa. With the status of the people the contestants were working at Fashion Week, the expectations are high!

They then met with Colin Davis, the Creative Director from Wondermerk, the graphic designer for The Intern By David Tlale. He sat with each of them to determine what they needed for their runway experience, lending his expertise to each one of the Interns. Next up they met with the models and practiced their walks together. We moved backstage and the contestants were getting their models ready for their runway walk. As is often the case at these shows, while everything looks smooth outside on the runway, backstage is a hive of activity filled with last minute changes, rushing and pressure!

It was show time, and the contestants’ models took to the runway to show off the designers’ hard work and talent. The music started and the magic began! The contestants watched with pride from backstage as their models took to the runway to showcase their work. But things soon got a little stressful and weren’t looking great for Boitumelo, who was missing a model and struggled with an incident where pants weren’t fitting! To make matters worse for her, all that was happening while it was her turn next to show her designs! With all runway looks showcased, done and dusted, David walked out onto the stage with the Interns to take a well-deserved bow.

It’s was elimination time and David, along with guest judges Hamilton Ngubo and Jan Malan, said how proud he was of all the Interns’ progress made thus far. He then announced the results…

The Top Looks:





The Winner:


Falling Off The Seams: