The Intern | The Intern By David Tlale Fourth Challenge
The Intern By David Tlale episode 5
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Recap of previous episode shows clip of David saying, “Opportunity comes once, never to be repeated.”

With Musa gone, the competition is getting tighter, and the contestants couldn’t help reflect on him leaving, once more driving home the fact that the pressure is on, and reality TV is just that: reality. Nico took the remaining contestants on a little drive in the beautiful Mercedes Benz CLA’s to Franz Gräbe Flowers Couture.

Little did the unsuspecting Interns know that their next challenge was going to be against time; it was the ‘Snapchat of design’. 

Franz Gräbe is all about leaf design and flower couture. He spoke to the contestants about how flowers are stronger than what you expect them to be. Coenie Hattingh, a florist at Franz Gräbe Flower Couture, spoke to the contestants about the fascinating world of flowers, showing them diverse examples, and explaining how different flowers and plants needed to be handled in different ways. Coenie spoke with the contestants and showed them what the plants and flowers were capable of adding to an overall look when incorporated within couture and design. David chose the flower couture challenge because the contestants needed to evolve beyond simply fabrics and features. It was set to be a highly creative challenge that would test the limits of their skills!

The brief for this challenge was flower couture haute intellect. The contestants were required to create 1 timeless garment using only flowers and plants – AND that garment had to tell a story. As Nico said, this was going to be challenging, but he gave the contestants a mantra to repeat to themselves as they worked. “Bloom where you are planted!” The contestants had carte blanche to create what they wanted, but the trick – and arguably the lesson to be drawn from the challenge – was to realise when to stop. They were required first to create the design and then find the right flowers or plants that would work with it to express the story and fulfil the brief. The contestants were given 1 hour to sketch their designs while David reviewed them and Franz gave his input, guiding the contestants. 

After the designs were sketched, they headed off to Multiflora Flower Market in their Mercedes Benz CLAs to go shopping for blooms! Franz meted out invaluable advice while they are shopping for their flowers, assisting the contestants in making sure that the colours and textures they were drawn to would work with their designs. The contestants were understandably a little nervous of this challenge, since almost every facet and requirement of it was new to them. David walked into the market looking fabulous (when doesn’t he?), but also stern and intimidating, announcing when they had only 30 minutes left to shop, and he also got involved in guiding them at that point.

The contestants shopped till they dropped – almost literally – and headed back to Franz’s studio to start putting their designs together. But before they started, Nico pulled them away from their work to introduce them to Mary Sibande, an artist. Mary, he explained, was there to inspire them to marry art with fashion, a lesson which would help greatly in this challenge and in their future careers. The contestants studied her exquisite art pieces and sculptures to absorb some inspiration and practical tips, hoping to take their designs to the next level. Mary’s pieces can be viewed at

The contestants headed back to the workshop to start their designs, but by that point they were running late, and by know they – and we – know that David simply does not tolerate tardiness. He chased them out, telling them they needed to get to Franz’s studio – ASAP! The contestants grabbed what was to hand and ran!

They arrived at Franz’s studio and, because they were late, Franz had gone home, but they still had to work through the night to get their designs finished. David then explained how important it was to stick to timelines, and that often designers simply had to accept that pulling an all-nighter is par for the course in the design industry. “It’s all part of the game,” he said! David added pressure to teach the Interns to focus and to perform under stress. David left the contestants to their work and headed off. He did pop in later that night to bring them something to eat.

The next morning, the contestants were still hard at work getting their designs done, and soon it was time for them to meet their models. However, they weren’t able to measure the designs on the models because of time constraints, so they were told that they would only be able to do final fittings closer to judgement time. It may have seemed a little cruel, but the standards are that high. We’re talking DAVID TLALE high!

It was soon judging time, and the models and contestants were scrambling to get everything done and ready for the viewing. They arrived at Gallery MOMO and the models took their places in various areas of the gallery waiting for David, Franz and Mary to come around and judge the garments.

Top Designs went to:





And the Winner was Keletso

The Bottom looks went to: