The Intern | The Intern By David Tlale Second Challenge
The Intern By David Tlale episode 3 challenge. I love ZAR in collaboration with Jet.
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Reflecting History


Reflecting History

This week was all about the finer points and importance of branding! For the second challenge, David wanted the interns to go back to their roots and visually represent the diversity and the embodiment of ‘The Rainbow Nation’. A poignant visit to Constitution Hill had some of the interns in tears, and understandably so. The area stands as a monument to our country’s past and our present and the vision of our future, and always evokes deep and differing emotions from all who visit there. “I saw all of these things, and then something reminded me of my mother, she use to wear that uniform,” one intern said. This was a different kind of inspiration session for all of the interns because of the personal and profound nature of the location.

Once that was over, it was straight back to business, and David made it clear that absolutely no fashion clichés will be allowed or accepted. “Stay far, far away from the conventional,” he warned – a mantra he has always personally lived and worked by. Some of the interns appeared to be in way over their heads, especially those that had no previous experience with beading – and they certainly struggled to keep up.
Showing his softer side, David did come to the interns’ rescue by offering them the services of two remarkably talented women who are experts in the beading industry. With their help, the interns rushed to finish their final looks for pre-judging, and just made it. “I feel like I am not going to get this done in time,” worried one intern while doing last minute touch-ups. David and the two guest judges, Thebe Ikalafeng, the Managing Director of Brand Leadership Group, and Shaz Abass, the Executive Buyer for Jet, entered the room and assessed the finished garments. David then announced that he had added a twist to the challenge – much to the shock of the contestants, who had no idea what to expect – and Shaz stepped forward and announced that Jet would like retail-ready T-shirts inspired by the couture looks. The interns were invited to garner some experience in how Jet as a brand chooses T-shirts, and after that they were then briefed on the challenge. The heat was definitely turned up by that stage in the studio!

David again offered assistance by introducing the interns to his two graphic designers, who were there to assist the interns with the process of transforming their couture looks to ready-to-wear print. Again, the skills and experience David is exposing the interns to will last them a lifetime, no matter how far they get in the competition.

Elimination day started with some drama when the interns forgot to bring the clothing rails along with them, and a furious David quickly schooled them on the fact that nobody works for them, they work for themselves, and that mistakes – even seemingly simply ones – cost time, money and reputation, and he sent them back to fetch the rails.
In keeping with the ‘I Love ZAR’ theme, the elimination was held at the Apartheid Museum, again another location in the country which speaks to each and every citizen. As the interns showcased their work, David proved again that he is the master of the poker face, making it impossible to determine if he approved of the work he was presented with or not, no matter how hard the competitors looked for clues!

After all the looks were showcased, Shaz announced that all of the T-shirt designs would be going to retail, and David broke his stony silence by proceeding to heap praise on all of the designers, telling them he was, in general, impressed by their work and performance this week. The interns all heaved a sigh of relief and basked in the positive feedback from the fashion legend. Sadly, though, one of the group had to be eliminated…[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]