The Intern | The Intern By David Tlale First Challenge
a Look at the first challenge from The Intern by David Tlale
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The first challenge finally arrived, and boy did it not disappoint. Up to now, contestants had seen the supportive and more social side of David, but come challenge time, he was wearing his professional hat and took no prisoners when it came to showing what he expects and what he is all about!

“I am still not completely sure how David is going to judge my garments, it’s so stressful!” said one of the hopeful interns. The team started bright and early on their first challenge, most of them filled with uncertainty and nerves, but there were a few who exuded confidence. For the challenge brief, they visited Jean Du Plessis’s art studio in Johannesburg for inspiration.

Jean is a painter/sculptor and focusses on the abstract, the perfect inspiration for this unique menswear challenge! As is the case with art, opinions on the talented creative’s work was divided amongst the team: some of the interns loved his work, while other seemed a little less impressed by it. The interesting part about the visit was that Jean himself was going to be a guest judge for the menswear challenge ahead – so the pressure was on!
Following the inspiration session, David, Jean Du Plessis and the third guest judge Felipe Mazibuko took the interns to the fabric store where the real drama unfolded. Choosing fabric is not easy, especially when you are up against 12 other designers when you’re trying to get your hands on the fabric you – and often others – have your eye on! A few nasty looks and harsh words were exchanged between some of the interns, as was to be expected, but thankfully all of them returned to the studio in good spirits with the fabric and other items they needed.  With David keeping an eagle eye as they worked to impress him, he wasted no time in jumping in to correct, guide, and offer constructive criticism to some of the young designers. His advice often stopped them dead in their tracks, forcing them to rethink and reconstruct their initial designs – as is often the case in the fashion industry. With the deadline looming ever closer, it was difficult to keep up with the intense mood and pace at David Tlale’s Studio, not to mention that David had made it expressly clear that if the interns were not done by elimination time the next morning, there would be a double elimination. Fortunately, though, the young designers all managed to make the deadline, and the next day saw the elimination process starting bright and early!

David didn’t waste a second, jumping straight in with his critique of the finished products. The session consisted of a brief but intense look at the garments, which was followed with quickfire questions from the fashion guru himself. “How are you? Tell me about your look,” David rapidly asked them, wanting them to justify and substantiate their designs, skills that are essential to making it on the fashion world. The judges deliberated after seeing all of the looks and the final judgement was pronounced!

The first Intern has been eliminated and joined David’s studio for her internship. It was a sad moment, with the reality of the competition hitting home for all the remaining contestants, but at the David Tlale Studio, there is never any time to waste, and the remaining interns returned to the studio and immediately began prepping for the next challenge.