The Intern | Johannesburg roadshow talent search
The final leg of the nation wide search for David Tlale's next intern.
David Tlale, The Intern, The Intern By David Tlale, Nation wide search, Johannesburg
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Entrants travelled from all over Gauteng to be a part of the last location for the roadshow. The Masterclass attracted an audience from far and wide, including a design school all the way from Mpumalanga! As David entered, the room was filled with nervous tension and excitement – there were even a few squeals that emanated from the crowd!
David opened up the session with the story of a lecturer who once tore up his assignment. “I was devastated, bitter and angry. I had put so much effort and work into it and she just tore it up. Somehow I calmed myself down and realised that I need to work harder – much harder. And with that I kissed my social life goodbye!” He emphasised that this had not been an easy journey for him, and that he had learnt that shortcuts will take you nowhere. He asked the audience if they want to be their own boss, to which a few nodded, but he quickly reacted with, “HA! I have some bad news for you!” He then explained that every client you take on is your boss, whether you like it or not. He continued to inspire the audience by talking about self-worth and pricing of garments. The Masterclass had a mixed effect on the entrants: Some were very confident and believed that their auditions could only go well, and others were a bit more reserved. Johannesburg did not disappoint and offered an array of different styles, fabrics and backstories. One of the least favourite fads were ball gowns and designers who dared to enter the judging area with one or more were given the boot before they could even introduce themselves! That’s how tough the competition is! Street style also seemed to be a favourite aesthetic amongst the Jo’burg designers, and that upped the competition between these designers in their bid to win David’s favour. With over 50 entries, the 2 days in Johannesburg were long, but definitely worth it!