The Intern | POLOKWANE
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The Limpopo bushveld greeted us with a crispy winter morning on Monday, and the Meropa Casino & Entertainment World abuzz with movement at an early hour as the contestants started to arrive at 8am. The hopeful entrants filled the conference centre with excitement as they waited for David to start the Masterclass. As he entered – sporting a trendy pair of shades – the room erupted in cheers.

David quickly set the entrants’ nerves at rest, introducing himself simply as David Tlale, a fellow fashion designer. He jumped straight to questions, and quizzed members of the audience as to why they were studying or had studied fashion design, and emphasised the importance of doing it for the right reasons. “You study fashion design to hopefully get employed right? Well, wrong! Do it to work for yourself and create jobs for the people of your community,” the internationally renowned figure said. The audience had an ‘ah-ha!’ moment and soon realised that they are not only fashion designers, but entrepreneurs and leaders within their own communities! Members of the audience were called forward to demonstrate the importance of team work and how each individual can bring a specific skill to the table to create a brand known for its excellence.

As the judging commenced, Polokwane did not disappoint! The colours made it seem like springtime in the convention centre; vibrant magenta seemed to be the dominant hue of choice, with canary yellow a close second in line. Poly fleece also made an appearance (even though David was not quite sure what to do with it), but David did admit that he was very impressed by the contestants’ creativity! At the end of the two day roadshow, David closed the day on a positive note, saying that some of the designers reminded him why he had come to Limpopo.