The Intern | DURBAN
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Durban extended its well-known hospitality to the Jo’burgers and gave them a very warm welcome. The contestants arrived bright and early on Tuesday morning with high hopes. That very same morning, David did a live interview on Gagasi FM and this sparked so much interest that David decided to host the Masterclass the next day to accommodate the number of people who had signed up!

David has a passion for sharing his knowledge with his fellow craftsmen, and wants to make a difference in as many lives as he possibly can. Many designers stepped in front of the camera to showcase their 3 complete looks, but most memorable was probably the designer who took to the podium draped in material emblazoned with the words ‘ons gaan nou BRAAI’. The judges looked truly shocked, and silently hoped that the designer would take the sound decision to just leave, but he happily introduced himself as ‘J’addore – with a double D’! As the judges continued to try to make any sense of his collection, the camera crew struggled to keep a straight face and one of the guest judges even had to hide his grin. After a few insults were thrown, David dismissed the man and his designs, with guest judges stating that they weren’t even going to bother to write anything down! That’s when David burst out into laughter and announced that it was all just a prank to lighten the mood. Filming was difficult in the Durban heat, but luckily a very skilled make-up artist was standing by to work her magic. The sun was setting as the last contestant came out of the judging room a bit shaken, but still hopeful.

The Masterclass was an enormous success; so much so that it was difficult to decide who was having more fun: David himself or the audience! He connected with the audience in his trademark manner, reminding them that he comes from a very humble background and had to fight his way to the top. He stressed the fact that attitude is everything in this industry.  “You can have a bad attitude and think very highly of yourself, sure. But that is not going to get you anywhere. Show me your work and then we can talk,” he said. He spoke about the importance of supporting fellow South African designers because they all represent and speak for each other in other countries. The audience was captivated by his friendly yet authoritative tone of voice, and as everyone left, it was clear the audience was walking away with a new and fresh perspective of the fashion industry.