The Intern | CAPE TOWN
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A beautiful day in the mother city. The energy is high and everybody is excited about the masterclass that David himself will be giving. The session is open to every fashion designer wanting to learn from The King himself. The contestants, including 40 students from CTCFD, were captured by David as he started with his masterclass. Approaching them as a fellow designer, he became a friend and a mentor within moments, chatting about the real struggle of being a young and unknown designer, creative block, financial struggles, difficult clients and how hard work always pays off by simply telling his own exceptional story. It was palpable that each member of the audience had an ‘OMG, I know that feeling’ moment.  He interacted with the audience by asking personal questions about their individual designs, style and brand, and pointed out that nobody ever remembers normal. “I can guarantee you that some of you I will remember without being introduced, because you stand out,” David said nearing the end of his class. Later that afternoon the designers had the chance to dress models in their garments have them judged by David and the guest judges from the KLûK CGDT. Stress levels were high as the designers went in one by one, hoping for the best but expecting the worst, armed with only their three garments in the hopes of knocking the judges off their feet and becoming the next Intern.